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The Hardest Part of Learning German

There are many languages that are quite a tricky language to learn, one that particularly stands out is to learn German. However, once you master it, it will be very fulfilling. Some of the most difficult rules of the language are:

  • There are a number of ways to say ‘the’. It changes depending on the prepositions you use.
  • Adjectives will change depending on the gender. You will have to use different articles depending on the gender, too.
  • German words tend to be long, but they are, most of the time, different components mixed altogether. Vocabulary is a bit tricky, but can be mastered with regular use of the language.
  • Pronunciation is another thing that can only be resolved with constant practice.

There are quite a lot of words which are similar to the English language, so learning English can give you an advantage. However, direct translation from English to German cannot be done as these two languages have entirely different sentence structures.

Arabic is another challenging language to learn. Here are some struggles Arabic language students can relate to:

  • Vocabulary is one of the hardest parts of the language because most words have no English counterparts.
  • Grammar can be a bit challenging, because you’ll have to note of the gender.
  • Plurals are also quite hard to learn because it requires memorization.
  • Pronunciation may change depending on the beginning and end of the word.
  • Verbs can be hard to grasp, but learning the root of the words helps a lot.

Spoken Arabic largely differs from written Arabic, therefore to learn Arabic is not an easy task. Writing Arabic is an entirely different challenge. The shape of the letter changes depending on its position in the word. That being said, it may be easier to learn how to speak first before learning how to write.